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Service reforms
Updated:2018-10-09 12:38

To boost the efficiency of government services, the district government has been pushing reforms forward, including an online service platform employing the “O2O” concept, building a user-friendly interface.

The district has achieved 100-percent online functionality for application submission and approval for administrative examination services (called “two 100 percent”). The “One Door, One Window, One Network, and One Number” examination and approval services are provided around the clock, leading the country in terms of government administrative service efficiency.

Aiming to build industrial clusters of at least 100 billion yuan each under the “Made in China 2025” national plan, the district has been supporting the technological upgrading and expansion of enterprises, facilitated by deepened cooperation with Germany in the district.

This encourages companies to vigorously develop future industries in areas such as the airport economy, the exhibition economy, the marine economy and so on, and to improve upon the modern service industry support system. All rights reserved.  |  粤ICP备11016239号-7