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Talent pyramid
Updated:2018-10-09 12:41

Bao’an District has a total of 88 talent policies, attracting and developing talents in a specific manner. In a bid to create a talent pyramid, Bao’an has formulated a unique talent classification mechanism. 

On top of the pyramid are talents who have been identified by Shenzhen Municipality as high-level overseas professionals. Talents in this tier include State-level leading talents, local leading talents, reserve talents, and Class A, B and C talents of the Peacock Plan. 

Occupying the pyramid’s mid-section are high-level talents of Bao’an District. The district has revised the identification standards to put forward the standard for identifying talents in industry, education, medicine and health, and other general fields. 

At the foundation of the pyramid are mid-level talents such as newly-introduced graduates, craftsmen and makers. All rights reserved.  |  粤ICP备11016239号-7