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OEC International School (OECIS) offers a Primary Year Program (PYP), Secondary Program and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).

The school has been a PYP candidate school since June 2011 and was authorized by IBO in June 2015. PYP provides each individual student the learning track that best suits them. Through inquiry teaching, the school creates an authentic learning environment that enables students to make inquiries, raise questions, develop logical thinking skills, collaborate with each other, and gain understanding. It can lay a solid foundation for students to become lifelong learners with international mindsets, the ability to inquire and a capacity for creative thinking.

The PYP curriculum abides by IB requirements. OECIS attaches great importance to students’ well-rounded development, not only by focusing on subject knowledge, but also by stressing students’ social, psychological, physical, emotional and cultural development.

In the PYP program, English is collaboratively taught by both Chinese teachers and Western teachers. The school adopts its unique English Language Proficiency Assessment System(ELPAS) to implement different levels of teaching. Based on the Cambridge KET, PET, FCE tests, the school administers tests periodically to measure students’ improvement in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Graduated students in Year 6 are eligible to take the Movers test. Students are also encouraged to work for PET, FCT or higher-level tests.

Cambridge test certificates are acknowledged in 157 countries around the world and work as permits for their future learning, jobs or overseas studies. After graduation, students know 2,000 to 2,500 English words, which is equivalent to IELTS 3.5.

The school also pays much attention to students’ individual development. Enriching activities are viewed as the best way to push students to grow. Students can learn a lot each time they participate in activities. Besides subject activities, OECIS provides various physical and cultural activities.

Assessments are integral to all PYP instruction. The school employs techniques for assessing students that take into account diverse, complicated and sophisticated factors, such as students’ individual profiles, feedback from teachers, partners and parents, and formative observation and presentations. Assessments are conducted by both students and teachers. The school encourages students to reflect on classroom learning, exercises, exams and activities. The school also administers assessments and records the results each week.

Abiding by the OECIS mission statement, International Secondary Program(ISP) aligns with International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program(IBMYP) standards and practices to implement an international education philosophy. Through bilingual instruction, OECIS builds its curriculum like any other international middle school. Serving as a link between PYP and IBDP, ISP makes great efforts to provide a better learning community so as to lay a solid foundation for IBDP. According to the MYP curriculum, ISP core subjects include Chinese A/B, English A, ELPAS, history, math, science, physics, chemistry, biology, music, art, IT, PE and English grammar.

Guided by the OECIS mission statement and core values, ISP integrates both national and international curricula in the process of aligning with IB standards and practices, fostering lifelong learners with international mindsets. ISP provides an education that benefits students for their entire lives by teaching them how to learn. Through integrated and comprehensive learning, teenagers develop their critical thinking skills, connect what they’ve learned with real situations and engage actively and responsibly with the world. All pedagogical activities are student-centered.

After three years of learning in ISP, which is equivalent to grades 7 through 9, students have a strong foundation for IBDP.

According to MYP requirements and IBDP subjects, students in ISP will study Chinese A/B, English A/B, history, geography, math, science, music, arts, IT, PE, Chinese reading, and English reading and grammar. An assessment in ISP employs summative and formative methods.

To develop students in all aspects, arouse and cultivate students’ interest, and build up organizational and leadership abilities, ISP holds morning exercises and micro-lectures every Wednesday and Friday. Each Tuesday and Thursday, the school holds extracurricular activities from 4:20 to 5:30 p.m. The settings of extracurricular clubs are selected according to resources and available venues.

Led and organized by students and supervised by teachers, these activities provide a stage upon which balanced growth can take place. Additionally, subject activities train students in inquisitive thinking and communicative skills.

The school has built a professional pedagogical team dedicated to international education. Among the team, 30 percent of members hold a master’s degree. The school also pays much attention to teachers’ professional development. Sixty percent of teachers have participated in IBO trainings.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) is a two-year course designed for talented teenagers around the world. Currently there are 1,388 countries and 2,141 schools teaching IB. Through IB, students learn consistent content according to IB guides and participate in the universal exams at graduation. The exam papers are made and marked by IB. Therefore, all IBDP students can reach the same level in pedagogical learning and be publicly known as the most valuable diploma certificate around the world.

Most esteemed universities prioritize IBDP graduates. OECIS was authorized to administer IBDP curriculum in 2004. All graduates have enrolled in worldwide famous universities. OECIS staff consists of 36 percent IBDP examiners, and 30 percent have experience in overseas studies or teaching. Seventy-seven percent hold a master’s degree. Currently, the school provides English, French, Korean, Chinese, math, physics, chemistry, biology, business and management, and economics.

Subjects: OECIS IBDP provides Chinese A/B, English A/B, Korean A, business and management, economics, physics, chemistry, biology and math. Students can choose six subjects according to their interests.

Teaching staff: There are 14 teachers in total, including two foreign teachers. Twelve teachers are certified IB examiners. Five teachers obtained master’s degrees in England, Australia and Hong Kong, China. All teachers have rich teaching backgrounds qualifying them to teach IBDP.

Clubs: The school provides various students clubs such as dance, football, music, basketball, IT, chess, phonics, ping-pong, art, MUN, Korean culture, handcrafts, and more. Each club is organized and planned by students and supervised by teachers, promoting students’ abilities in organization and management.

Achievements: The school has graduates who have gone on to enroll at Hong Kong University, London University, the University of Melbourne, UCLA, KHUST, the University of Sydney, the University of Waterloo, and other prestigious universities. A lot of graduates also earned scholarships for further studies. Among them, student Li Qi scored 44 in the IBDP exam; a perfect score is 45. She also earned a perfect score on the IELTS. Li Junning scored 8 on the IELTS and 120 in TOEFL. Zhang Ruoxi earned 114 on TOEFL.



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