C-UK College
Updated:2018-09-28 17:31

The concept behind the name “C-UK College” is an advanced integration of educational theory from both Britain and China. The special features of C-UK College fundamentally use the best of Chinese education methods combined with British education theory. Consequently, college is impressively progressing with the theories of 21st century education and international education.

The vision of C-UK College is: “Everyone has a characteristic virtue, which should exist in harmony.” Its goal is to be a “famous first-class international private Chinese school” with the objective of “training the world citizens of tomorrow” and with the service theory “We cherish your trust and it is our duty to care for our students.”

In 2007, C-UK College passed the Bao’an District school assessment and in 2008, it passed Shenzhen City school assessment. In 2010, C-UK College was recognized as a National Film Class Demonstration School and an Experimental Base for the International Appreciation of Education. C-UK College was also granted the Advanced Organization and Advanced Organization for Junior School titles by the local community and education bureau. Again in 2010, it was conferred a Shenzhen Standard and High-class Private School title.

The school employed full-time financial and legal advisers and implemented a flat management model. The school has agreed on having academic exchanges and education and international cooperation in curriculum articulation tests, establishing stable international channels.

Now in its 10th year, the school graduated nearly 100 students who were successfully admitted to Cambridge, Oxford, Toronto, Stanford, universities in Hong Kong and other world-class universities.

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