Exhibition charts Bao’an progress
Updated:2018-12-12 15:38

More than 150 photos that capture the spirit of Bao’an and its citizens in the new era were exhibited between Dec. 12 and 17 at Bao’an Library. The exhibition, one of many events marking the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, drew a lot of visitors.

Shenzhen, a window into China’s opening up and a pioneer of the country’s economic reform, has witnessed the miraculous transformation from a cluster of fishing villages into a modern metropolis. Bao’an accounts for a significant part of the story. Here, we present a few images from the exhibition to offer our readers a glimpse of the local people’s efforts in building a prosperous and livable town while preserving its cultural traditions.

Primary school students learn Kirin dance moves during a class on traditional culture.

An evening view of Bao’an’s bustling downtown. Photos by courtesy of Bao’an Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Artists from abroad perform at an international accordion festival held in Bao’an last year.

Egrets find a home in the mangrove woods near Bao’an’s west coast.

Young men perform stunts on bicycles at a plaza in downtown Bao’an.

An aerial view of Bao’an’s west coast area.

People work overtime at a creative industry park in Bao’an in the evening.

Migrant workers rest in a shopping mall on the weekend. All rights reserved.  |  粤ICP备11016239号-7