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Coastal covered bridge planned in Bao’an
Updated:2019-01-11 16:52

Work on a coastal covered bridge in Bao’an District will start within the year, according to the Shenzhen Economic Daily, quoting the Bao'an District Government.

The boardwalk stretching from the Bao'an Stadium to Coastal Cultural Park contains five zones. File photos

The 1.5-kilometer boardwalk will stretch from Bao'an Stadium in the north to Coastal Cultural Park in the south and connect with Bao'an Library in the east.

According to the design, the coastal bridge will be divided into five sections, namely a woods corridor, a flower and tree corridor, a garden corridor, a plant corridor and, an art corridor.


A computer-generated image of the woods corridor.

The woods corridor will go through the woods outside the Bao’ao District Government office building. The bridge will utilize a translucentnet of metal planks so that the scenery is not blocked.

A computer-generated image of the flower and tree corridor.

Various flowers and trees will be planted in the flower and tree corridor. A viewing tower will be built on the bridge section.

The plant corridor will have a plant garden with a three-dimensional floating landscape. The underground area will be used for socializing.

The art corridor near Coastal Cultural Park will hold art events. All rights reserved.  |  粤ICP备11016239号-7