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Rainwater and sewage diversion project completed
Updated:2019-01-30 10:49

With the completion of the last 20-meter-long rain and sewage diversion pipeline network along Wenxin Road, the auxiliary road of National Highway 107 and Fufeng Road, the entire 98-kilometer-long diversion pipeline network around Lixin Reservoir in Fuyong Subdistrict has been completed.

The project aims to achieve rain and sewage diversion and effectively improve the water environment in the area.

Located in Fuyong and Fuhai subdistricts, the pipeline network is distributed across five communities, including Fenghuang, Baishixia, Rentian, Xintian and Dayang communities. Total investment for the project reached 547 million yuan (US$80.99 million).

The project included the construction of new sewage pipes and rainwater pipes, the renovation of standpipes and septic tanks, and road surface damage recovery and power and telecommunication pipeline projects.

The rainwater pipelines stretch 19.7 kilometers and the sewage pipeline stretches 78.3 kilometers, which altogether total 98 kilometers in length. Additionally, the standpipes run 17.23 kilometers and the road surface restoration covers some 359,000 square meters.

Since the project started in March 2017, relevant departments in the subdistrict and construction companies have overcome many difficulties, such as time constraints, traffic congestion, complex underground pipelines and typhoons.

In order to ensure the timely and successful completion of the project, Fuyong Subdistrict also set up a special working group to carry out construction coordination and communication among residents. Next, Fuyong Subdistrict will speed up the completion of the project’s supporting facilities. All rights reserved.  |  粤ICP备11016239号-7