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FMT helps restore dysbiosis in patient
Updated:2019-03-15 11:29

Doctors with a Bao’an hospital have shown that fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) is an effective way to help replenish beneficial gut bacteria in patients who suffer from severe enteritis, the Bao’an Daily reported.

A woman identified as Chen, 50, had undergone three heart valve replacement surgeries due to severe rheumatic heart disease. Although the surgeries were successful, Chen had to battle multiple infections after the operations, as long-term illnesses had undermined her resistance to certain diseases.

Worse still, after a long period of using antibiotics to control a pulmonary infection, Chen had developed antibiotics-related enteritis, which led to severe gastrointestinal bleeding and recurrent hematochezia.

The Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University held a multidisciplinary consultation for Chen. Zhang Xiaoyin, director of the endoscopy center, proposed a fecal microbiota transplant treatment plan.

According to Zhang, fecal microbiota transplant is the process of transplanting fecal bacteria from a healthy individual into a recipient to restore the latter’s colonic microflora.

“Unlike organ transplants, a fecal microbiota transplant doesn’t incur rejection. Because the intestinal tract is an open and dynamic system, it will change with the alterations of the person’s diet, lifestyle, environment and physical condition,” said Zhang.

The healthy bacterial liquid sent by the Chinese fmtBank arrived at the hospital May 17, 2018. Through an intestinal tube, Zhang injected the bacterial liquid into the patient’s intestine. Chen stopped showing signs of hematochezia the next day.

After two fecal microbiota transplants, Chen gradually recovered. After more than half a year, Chen is now able to lead a normal life.

The hospital is the first to carry out a fecal microbiota transplant in Shenzhen and has so far performed eight such transplants for patients with antibiotics-related enteritis, intestinal failure or multiple organ failure, according to the Daily. All rights reserved.  |  粤ICP备11016239号-7