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Bao’an folk art forms get thumbs-up
A province-level research group in Guangdong folk art forms gave a thumbs-up to work done on preserving and reviving folk arts in Bao’an during their research trip to Shenzhen.
New Year gala showcases child talents
Over 1,000 children in Bao’an District danced merrily into the New Year at the 2019 Children’s Spring Festival Gala at the stadium of the Shenzhen Arcadia Grammar School on Jan.6.
New Year concert an orchestra supreme
A concert staged by the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra ushered in the New Year of 2019 for Bao’an residents at the auditorium in Xixiang recently.
The 1st stone gazing festival celebrated
The first Stone Gazing Festival wrapped up recently in Bao’an District.
100 events to celebrate reading month
The 19th Shenzhen Reading Month commenced at Shenzhen Book City’s CBD outlet Nov. 3.
Art festival concludes in Xixiang
The month-long Xixiang Subdistrict Cultural and Art Festival has concluded recently with a grand ceremony.
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